Daily Favorited on papernstitch

The blue planet brooch has featured on the front page of papernstitch. Always so exiting to see my work on the web. Thank you papernstitch!


Week#3 Talent: Crochet Obsession

I initially was going to post one item from kathecuervo as part of my weekly talent, but had difficulty choosing only one piece from her beautiful collection. She makes crochet jewelry with freeform crochet, a technique that is not limited by boring patterns and can be as free as your imagination. I also love the vibrant colour she uses with the regional fibres she collects when she travels.


Week#2 Talent: Beach Stone Buttons

I appreciate any form of design that compliments the material; the kind that is beautiful without having to go through complicated and artificial production or manufacturing. 

Looking at these buttons made out of beach stones, I can see how Tamilla from StoneHood has handpicked each stone considering its colour, shape, texture... how she pair them together... deciding how many button holes suit each stone and where they should go... and all the work that goes into these clean and minimal finished products, sometimes we don't take enough time to appreciate. 

Modern Medicine Bag - Crochet Brooch

A medicine bag is a traditional North American Indian container for various items of supernatural power. While anyone may have one, usually it would be the medicine man, or shaman, of a tribe who would carry one. As something that holds supernatural items, the medicine bag must also have some power of its own. 
- Wikipedia
My choice of weapon here in my medicine bag is some common cold medicines. Its greatest power being looking amazing pinned on your favorite jacket.


Week#1 Talent: Gorgeous Items For Wee Cupcakes

Talented Nikke from gottahavebaby has lush, luxury and GORGEOUS pieces for your wee cupcakes. Check out this "Delicious Pink Tweed Winter Cap" I adore! and many more beautiful pieces from her Etsy shop. The model is also just gorgeous!!


Mrs Dalloway Pop Up Shop

The very lovely Mrs Dalloway from Melbourne is opening a pop up shop this coming weekend, with a theme of "Winter Woolies Emporium". You will be able to see some of my house shoes at the shop as well as many beautiful handmade woolies. Do go and visit if you are near by and say "Hello!" to Mrs Dalloway for me. More detail is here.


And of course...me, the White Noise Maker

and many more...

Papernstich Exhibition

White Noise Maker's work will be featured on papernstich. The exhibition will start on June 6th and run through July 3rd. Once the exhibition starts, you will be able to see my work here.

papernstitch is an online exhibition space that was created to promote talented artists, designers, and makers selling handmade goods. The exhibition space is curated monthly and showcases the best of the best on an international level. hence our tagline: hand-picked. handmade. - papernstitch